nach unten
nach unten

Media artist Costantino Ciervo, who was born in Naples and lives in Berlin, both surprises and fascinates the public with his visionary and innovative video sculptures and their critique of capitalism. The fixed point of reference is always reality or contemporary society, that is to say the "here and now“.

Ciervo explores boundaries between media, in the process developing and using the latest technologies, for instance an app, in order to implement a participative “social sculpture” in the sense used by Joseph Beuys. His protest images document political, economic and social ills throughout the world and are used in “out-look“ one of his latest video sculptures. Networking and interaction are directly and transcendentally transformed in the individual works, which also always aim at perfect visual form. In terms of content this exhibition addresses the themes of urbanisation, the Anthropocene, and digitalisation.

The current video sculptures are augmented by collages and drawings and the large-scale interactive installation “ohne Titel” (Untitled). At the Venice Biennale back in 1993 in this main work Ciervo drew critical attention to how the advance of comprehensive digitalisation impacts all areas of life.

Opening photos: Steve Goedickmeyer
Installation photos: Marcus Schneider, Neulicht